My Approach

As stated by my past clients, I have worked for decades to listen, learn, question, inform, and support my clients in their efforts to plan, present and preserve their future success with humor, insights, referrals to other colleagues, etc.

My Story

I've been a company man and I've been a hired gun.  Trust me to give you my best shot in an effort to encourage you to achieve, accomplish and add to your past success because I want you to refer your suppliers and clients to me when they need the wisdom of my scar tissue.

I am a team leader...

who puts teams together tailored to fit what my clients need accomplished.  I have Cajun humor which I use to get serious insights communicated to decision makers wanting to achieve greater success, launch startups, etc.

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Mike Manes

Hired Gun Extraordinaire

Send me an email telling me about what your company needs and I'll send you a bio reflecting what I've done that can be called upon to help you help yourself.

Next steps to your future success...

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