The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

“Seize tomorrow” is the simple definition. However, the message and meaning are much more important than that. The fact is that each of us has only one future. It is ours to define and design.

In lieu of just spending time – invest wisely. Create your future as you want it to be. Carpe Mañana!

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The Tipping Point in the Cuture Wars

A War is being fought in America - not for money, oil, water, or land but for something much more important - the Soul of this country and the hearts and minds of every citizen. It is a Culture War. Two recent media events defined the sides.

The Ultimate Reality Show - Survivors are US


On June 9, 2006 I sat with a very conservative group and listend to a self-professed Democrat / Liberal and nationally recognized "think tank" expert speak. He said, "I'm a very liberal person. I'm a Democrat. I dislike George Bush for a lot of reasons but understand one thing - we're at War. George Bush to his credit has resolve and when you're a War, you need a President with resolve."

I ask you to read the following then tell me - Do we have the resolve we need to protect and perpetuate our country - our freedom?

The Ultimate Reality Show

Gravity is a Law!

Gravity is a law - it’s not a political philosophy, strategy, tactic, or initiative. It cannot be legislated or regulated. It merely IS. It cannot be ignored.

I’ve testified in legislative committees many times regarding insurance products, regulation, and the underwriting process. Often my testimony was requested to address pending legislation that was going to make insurance more fair, less expensive, or available to anyone at any time. My canned testimony follows:

Hurricane Gustav - A Retrospective


I make my living as a consultant. Occasionally that includes work as an expert witness. What follows is my expert view on my personal evacuation experience. Let me first address these terms. I’ll use definitions provided to me by others.

A consultant is a person (normally this definition is sexist but I’ll clean it up) who knows 150 ways to make love, but doesn’t have any willing partners. Also in terms of job function - “those that can do, those that can’t teach, and those that can’t teach, consult.”

The Agenda of Political Correctness

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Vietnam War was already over. Peace talks were promoted as a way for the U. S. to declare victory and withdraw. I was on the verge of being drafted and desperately wanted to see Peace. Much to my chagrin, the first year of the talks were spent discussing the shape of the table. My future was in the balance and these clowns were talking about furniture. I was drafted.

Only in retrospect do I realize that the debate was not about house furnishings but rather was about who controlled the language, the agenda, and the terms of debate.

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