The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

“Seize tomorrow” is the simple definition. However, the message and meaning are much more important than that. The fact is that each of us has only one future. It is ours to define and design.

In lieu of just spending time – invest wisely. Create your future as you want it to be. Carpe Mañana!

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The Status Quo Can Kill You

Years ago I read a mini-book called "The Portable Do It." It was a short version of the book, "Just get off your butt and do it." An underlying theme was that your “comfort zone” is the most dangerous place to be. In today’s world that is changing at warp speed, this premise has never been truer. Today with contribution of some smart folks - I’ll reinforce this theory.

Danny would always say, “If you’re on a plane headed in the wrong direction the best thing you can do is get off quickly.” Today - if you’re hunkered down in your status quo - you just as soon be going backwards.

Harry and Ann, Rush and Nancy!

When the Health Care Reform debate began, no one - I repeat no one - would have believed this. Today at this historic signing of the Choice Health Care Plan - that passed unanimously - the vitriolic debate, the Tea Parties, the town hall meetings all seem surreal. Harry Reid and Ann Coulter are dancing in the Rose Garden - Nancy and Rush are holding hands as tears of joy are shed. What a country?

Would it be Malpractice if?

Would it be malpractice if a doctor examined a patient, discovered cancer and a head cold and only treated the head cold? What if the doctor didn’t tell the patient about the cancer or told the patient that he’d take care of the cancer later? What if the doctor told the patient that curing the head cold would fix the cancer?

What if the doctor did this because treating a cold is easy and dealing with cancer is less pleasant? With cancer there is the cost, the time consuming nature of treatment, the emotion, and less chance for a permanent cure.

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