The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

“Seize tomorrow” is the simple definition. However, the message and meaning are much more important than that. The fact is that each of us has only one future. It is ours to define and design.

In lieu of just spending time – invest wisely. Create your future as you want it to be. Carpe Mañana!

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The Concept of Innovation in Concrete terms!

What follows is a 346 word consultant’s report to a client that converts the concept of innovation into concrete terms that can be applied to daily operations. If this client chooses to implement this commitment to the new - INNOVATION WILL HAVE OCCURRED. If they don’t, next year efforts will deliver the same results as always. Doesn’t that sound insane? Mr. Einstein - you’re a genius!

This Christmas - I'm Blessed!

It’s not that in past Christmases I haven’t been blessed; it’s just that this Christmas is “Blessed” on steroids. I know Jesus is the reason for the season. I understand and participate in the commercialization of Christmas. I’m familiar with gifts, the return policy of retailers, and the new craze of “re-gifting.”

Innovation - Incubator or Graveyard?

Dale Dauten in his Sunday column got me thinking with the closing statements: “If you have an idea you want to nurture, don’t plant it with the forest of the status quo; place it in a fresh field, away from the old growth. Give it a new group or try it in an experimental store, surrounded by people who want it there, who want it to thrive” and “Which brings us to an IBP (Important Business Principle) with a lovely Zen weightless heft: It’s easier to change people than to change people.”

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