The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

The Concept of Innovation in Concrete terms!

What follows is a 346 word consultant’s report to a client that converts the concept of innovation into concrete terms that can be applied to daily operations. If this client chooses to implement this commitment to the new - INNOVATION WILL HAVE OCCURRED. If they don’t, next year efforts will deliver the same results as always. Doesn’t that sound insane? Mr. Einstein - you’re a genius!

This Christmas - I'm Blessed!

It’s not that in past Christmases I haven’t been blessed; it’s just that this Christmas is “Blessed” on steroids. I know Jesus is the reason for the season. I understand and participate in the commercialization of Christmas. I’m familiar with gifts, the return policy of retailers, and the new craze of “re-gifting.”

Innovation - Incubator or Graveyard?

Dale Dauten in his Sunday column got me thinking with the closing statements: “If you have an idea you want to nurture, don’t plant it with the forest of the status quo; place it in a fresh field, away from the old growth. Give it a new group or try it in an experimental store, surrounded by people who want it there, who want it to thrive” and “Which brings us to an IBP (Important Business Principle) with a lovely Zen weightless heft: It’s easier to change people than to change people.”

The Status Quo Can Kill You

Years ago I read a mini-book called "The Portable Do It." It was a short version of the book, "Just get off your butt and do it." An underlying theme was that your “comfort zone” is the most dangerous place to be. In today’s world that is changing at warp speed, this premise has never been truer. Today with contribution of some smart folks - I’ll reinforce this theory.

Danny would always say, “If you’re on a plane headed in the wrong direction the best thing you can do is get off quickly.” Today - if you’re hunkered down in your status quo - you just as soon be going backwards.

Harry and Ann, Rush and Nancy!

When the Health Care Reform debate began, no one - I repeat no one - would have believed this. Today at this historic signing of the Choice Health Care Plan - that passed unanimously - the vitriolic debate, the Tea Parties, the town hall meetings all seem surreal. Harry Reid and Ann Coulter are dancing in the Rose Garden - Nancy and Rush are holding hands as tears of joy are shed. What a country?

Would it be Malpractice if?

Would it be malpractice if a doctor examined a patient, discovered cancer and a head cold and only treated the head cold? What if the doctor didn’t tell the patient about the cancer or told the patient that he’d take care of the cancer later? What if the doctor told the patient that curing the head cold would fix the cancer?

What if the doctor did this because treating a cold is easy and dealing with cancer is less pleasant? With cancer there is the cost, the time consuming nature of treatment, the emotion, and less chance for a permanent cure.

The Delcambre Canal - A Health Care Reform Model

What follows is a brief factual recap of a disaster and an “assumption” that might be the model needed for Health Care Reform. The Delcambre Canal is 1.2 miles south of Lake Peigneur. The Delcambre Canal forever had “flowed” water from the Lake to Vermillion Bay. The Delcambre Canal was an outlet for Lake Peigneur.

Health Care Financing is like a piepline

Health Care Financing is like a pipeline. On one side of the line - dollars flow in. On the other side of the line dollars flow out. Looking a little closer we learn that the dollars flowing in are premium dollars, tax dollars, and out of pocket expenses provided by individual consumers. On the opposite end of the line dollars flow out to pay the cost of health care, the administrative cost of delivering care, the cost of the legal / defensive medicine systems, and the cost of funding the care.

Racism - Lemons and Lemonade

If the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride) were being updated today, it is possible that Racism might be added or maybe hate would be added and racism would be included as an example in the definition. If a committee was formed to update this Top 7 List of Sins, I am certain there would be special interest groups to lobby for the inclusion of racism.

What would Maslow say?

Ambraham Maslow (1908 - 1970) was a psychologist and theorist and a leader in the humanistic school of psychology. He is noted for his “hierarch of needs” - a theory presenting human needs (survival, security, social, self-esteem, and self-actualization) as rungs on a ladder. The belief was that unmet needs motivate.

Theorists “think” more than they “do” so it might be interesting to hear Maslow's thoughts today. He now has the background of decades of history and can compare his theory to actual behavior. Here’s what I believe he might say.

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