The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

A View from the Edge of the 21st Century

The following was written in the late 1990s for a presentation to Hospital Administrators regarding trends in the new century.


Directions for the Next Millennium

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” Yet as leaders and their organizations venture into this new century, most want assurance of the destination, not the opportunity.

The Leadership Pill

Jim Mullen's column in the Sunday Advocate (February 3, 2008) was titled - "Treadmills are great clothes racks." It reminded me of the article below. Enjoy.

The Leadership Pill – Now only $19.95

It’s about 5:00 on Memorial Day morning. The TV is providing background music to my efforts to write an article.

Health Care Reform - A Modest Proposal

As a follow up to yesterday's posting - I offer the following column that was published in the Baton Rouge Business Report during the 2004 Gubernatorial runoff in Louisiana.


The bad news is “the sky is falling”. At current inflation trend our Health Care and Health Care Financing Systems will collapse in the next few years. The good news is “the sky is falling” so ignoring the problem is no longer an option.

The timing is right – the opportunity is great – the challenge is doable. Now is the time for Louisiana to LEAD the nation.

Health Care and Health Care Financing Reform

Bringing Peace to Iraq is Easy…

No - I’m not out of my mind even though the title of this article might suggest otherwise. I just haven’t finished my statement. The War in Iraq was won in less than 30 days with combat fatalities under 100. Unfortunately attempting to establish the peace has been much more costly in terms of dollars, days, and lives and we are still a long way from “Mission Accomplished.” Now I’ll finish my statement - Bringing peace to Iraq is easy COMPARED TO REFORMING OUR SYSTEMS OF HEALTH CARE (HC) AND HEALTH CARE FINANCING (HCF).

Agency Perpetuation - From Preaching to Meddlin'

It was about July of 2000. I was leading a CE class for agents at the PIA annual convention. The topic was a Tomorrow Readiness Audit. My intent was to have each agency principal “test” him or herself on their willingness and ability to move their organizations forward in the world of the future – that ever elusive Tomorrow.

The Opportunity in Darkness

Whacha Doin?

Boudreaux and his best friend Comeaux go to the Friday night dance at the American Legion Hall. When they get there, they park in the back lot and enter from the rear door.

During the night they dance, drink, and party hearty. In the vernacular of the Cajun culture there is “laissez les bons temps rouler”(let the good times roll). Around two in the morning the band quits playing, the dancing ends and the party breaks up.

Change Management versus Change Architecture

Lessons in Literature

literature \ n … 3 a : writings in prose or verse, esp: writings having excellence of form or expression and expressing ideas of permanent or universal interest…

classic n 1: a literary work of ancient Greece or Rome 2 a : work of enduring excellence: also: its author b : an authoritative source 3 : a typical or perfect example 4 : a traditional event…

The Concept of Concrete

Yesterday's post on this blog segmented the learning process into the categories of brain tissue and scar tissue. Today The Concept of Concrete is introduced. Since most of education, most of our dialogue, and all of the status quo is dependent upon the concrete and all of our "learning" and the change that we need to compete and survive in the future is dependent upon concept - we discover the "conflict" that is change. As Maxine, the cartoon character, once said, "Change is good as long as I don't have to do anything different."

Brain Tissue / Scar Tissue

Fred Dent, a friend of mine often talks about Brain Tissue versus Scar Tissue. He’s wise. In his opinion, and I agree, these are the two ways that we learn.

Brain Tissue is about "schooling", academics, textbooks, and issues of the head. It includes the basic principles, the standards, the facts, and the rules that frame and sometimes limit our lives.

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