The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

Truth or Lies in Politics and Health Care Reform - Who Knows?

Lying in politics is generally accepted in our country today. Calling down a politician as a liar is awkward. Calling the President a liar is more uncomfortable. Calling the President a liar while he’s speaking to the Congress is a break with tradition, rude, and by some folks’ belief outrageous.

The End - Are we there yet?

As a little boy, Claire and I often rode with our parents to Baton Rouge. At ages 5 and 7 our patience was limited and we’d begin the interrogation of Momma and Daddy with the refrain “Are we there yet?” When we were within half an hour of the city, Momma would encourage us to watch for the State Capitol Building. When it was in sight she’d explain, “We aren’t there yet, but you can see it from here!”

Health Care Reform - Keep It Simple, Sir (K.I.S.S.)!

The pending Health Care Reform Legislation is one of the most contentious pieces of legalese ever introduced. It includes over 1,000 pages that have not been read by many and not understood by most that will ultimately vote on it. Most question if it will work and wonder how we will pay for it. What follows is a two page outline that will work and will save money. Let’s just “Keep it simple, sir!”

The Berkeley Moccasins

“Mr. Boudreaux, I am Smartr Thanu, the Director of Diversity and Fairness for the City of Berkeley, California. My associate, Ms. Ure Rong, the city’s Happiness Coordinator and I have been given a very unpleasant task. Our city’s lakes and streams are overrun with Water Moccasins. We must rid the city of these fellow creatures who cause an interruption in our community’s pursuit of its goals of Happiness, Fairness, and Justice. Your name was given to me by a friend.

Innovation - A Tale of two Boudreauxs

Innovation - 1. the act or process of innovating 2. something newly introduced; new method, custom, device, etc. ; change in the way of doing things

Today’s dynamic global economy requires innovation. Change is. Plans are important - successful implementation an absolute. Tales of two Boudreauxs follow - one is true and one is not. “It was the best of plans; it was the worst of plans.”

Health Care Reform - Aspirin, Ink Pens and Deep Breathing

Health Care (HC) is the delivery of medicine / medical treatments. Health Care Financing (HCF) is the delivery of money to pay for the care. Health Care Reform is a necessary idea that has turned into a “political war.” A solution must be found. This won’t result from both sides screaming at each other - so take a deep breath.

To prove how simple and effective care can be consider the baby aspirin. There is probably no better return on investment than the daily aspirin regimen for those of us with hearts that have been repaired or need to be repaired now or in the future.

Health Care Reform - What would Dr. T, Rube, Peter, and Maynard do?

Preface - Please read the preceding posting - What would Solomon do? first.

As we search for a solution to the Health Care and Health Care Financing crises, I believe it is an appropriate to seek advice from others. An earlier article considered the Wisdom of Solomon. Today we solicit direction of a more contemporary group of experts. (See earlier article @

Health Care Reform - What would Solomon do?

“May I call you King? We have a problem and need help. I’m here on behalf of the American people. We have these two systems - one is called Health Care and it’s about delivering medicine to sick people. The other is called Health Care Financing and it’s about paying for delivery of medicine to sick people. Both are broke (need more money than is available) and broken (not getting satisfactory results.) Costs are predicted to double in the next 6 - 8 years and we can’t fix people as fast as obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and diabetes make them sick. We need help, now!”

The Celebrity of Affliction and the Affliction of Celebrity!

Momma was a great teacher and for me personally she is the most significant and formative force in my life. One of her guiding principles is, “Play the cards life deals you.” She also often says that “Fools names and fools faces are often seen in public places.” She believes “You don’t air your dirty laundry in public.”

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