The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

Democracy's Viability

The quote that follows and the accompanying attribution were provided to me many years ago by a friend. I've never researched its accuracy because it is merely one person's opinion that I believe is "on spot."

If its properly quoted, I believe we should ponder the wisdom of Mr. Tytler. If Mr. Tytler is not the source or if the content is not as originally presented - the wisdom (in my opinion) is still profound.


Peer Pressure, White Privilege and American Exceptionalism

Of all the gifts God gave me, my Momma is the best. She is an exceptionally good and wise person, a teacher, a great parent, and a wonderful role model. While raising me Momma, to the best of my knowledge, didn’t obsess about Peer Pressure; she managed it. She would not point out the flaws of my friends but rather she would celebrate their strengths, successes, and exceptionalism. She used the positives of my friends to challenge me and to “raise the bar” for her expectations of me and for my expectations of myself. She taught me to be a survivor - not a victim.

The Tyranny of the Maybe

Years ago I was given a booklet titled – The Tyranny of the Urgent written by Charles E. Hummel. Buy a copy and read it regularly. The premise is simple – we spend too much time distracted by the urgent and too little time on the important.

Leadership - "I know it when I see it"

Preface - I just completed this posting only to realize that a similar but longer article was added to this blog in April of last year. If your memory is a bad as mine you might enjoy what follows. If your memory is good I don't understand why you're still reading this. :)

For those who don't want a "rerun" this week or as Lagniappe for all others - a second posting will be added today!

Thanks for your understanding

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” Until this morning I didn’t know the source of this oft used cliché. This is an adaptation of the poem - To a Mouse by Robert Burns. The actual wording is “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” I don’t understand the poem but I do embrace the adaptation. In my simple mind - what looks good on paper sometimes / oftentimes isn’t.

Ants, trains, and an old guy - a lesson in belief!

Preface - This blog was to be posted on Saturday morning but I've decided to release this today (4 / 16 / 09). Having just watched CNN attack the protestors at yesterday's Tea Parties as "wing nuts" I must offer this posting as another perspective. I thank God everyday that some of us still believe "we can" and that less government - not more - is what we want.

God Bless America!

More than great service - Servant Leadership!

I often say that “service is dead in America.” An example of bad service is Buster in line at a McDonald’s at 10:30 one morning. He asks for breakfast and is told it’s too late. He requests a burger and is advised it’s too early. He’s in the twilight zone.

A Tale of Two Georges - What Really Matters...

February 6, 2009 was the last time I posted to this Blog. On that day I suspended my “ramblings” for what I thought was a week or two just to recharge my batteries. What I discovered was that my batteries were not run down but were more burned up. After several weeks of R & R, escapism, and personal reflection, I’m starting to get a charge out of life again and will resume my postings. Today’s the start.

An Interruption in Service

I recently heard a speaker state that "Life is what happens when we are making other plans." How true. In the past two months - life has not been congruent with my plans. The good news is that I've been on the road a lot, have been very busy with client needs, and have had numerous personal distractions (more good than bad.)

The bad news is that I've buried two friends and another is in ICU in a hospital following an automobile accident. One of the deceased was a bigger than life character in my life and one of my closest personal friends. I'm still struggling with his loss.

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