The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

Wake Up, America!

Paul Revere was perhaps the first “alarmist” in our country. By shouting “the British are coming, the British are coming!” during his midnight ride (April 1775) he alerted his country to an imminent danger and gained fame for himself. In retrospect I’m certain his efforts were not motivated by a hope for celebrity.

Benjamin Franklin wasn’t a screamer but he did provide a warning of equal substance to that of Mr. Revere. He said simply - “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

Health Care and Health Care Financing - Murder or Suicide?

Dr. Regina Herzlinger’s new book raises a question that might evoke more wonder than the other great murder mysteries of the past century - Who shot J.R.? Who killed Nicole Brown Simpson? The preliminary investigation suggests it was not murder but suicide and not with one victim but a Jonestown type group killing.

Leadership Ideas


"The first role of the Leader is to define reality."

Max Depree

"An organization is a human group, composed of
specialists working together on a common task"

"The function of organizations is to make knowledge productive"

"Organizations are special-purpose institutions.
They are effective because they concentrate on one task."

"...The organization is a destabilizer...
it must be organized for constant change."

"One implication: every organization of today has to build into its very structure the management of change."

Smart or Wise - An MBA or a Kindergarten Diploma

Preface: The article that follows is more of a process than an event. It started early this morning with a story sent to me by my Aunt Mazie. The story will be used as a close and a case study on the theories presented in this article. The proofing (not in terms of grammar and spelling corrections but rather in terms of proving my premise) was completed as my wife and I watched the movie Seabiscuit this afternoon.

Unsafe at any Speed!

Early in the day, I was speaking with a friend about the future of the distribution system in a certain industry. “Is the system dead”, I asked? No Jack explained, “the problem is a generational (chronological or attitudinal) issue not a systemic one”.

Some organizations are flourishing, others are dinosaurs, and still others are sitting on the banks of the Tar Pits, trying to decide their future. Our discussion continued for some time but I’ll save you from the detail.

My Last Class

For 10 years (1988 - 1998)I taught Risk and Insurance Classes to junior and senior students at LSU in Baton Rouge. During that time I spoke hundreds of thousands (if not millions)of words. For the last class I chose to be brief and limit the substance of my comments to 25 words. The premise below - A Quiz - introduces the process.

I could easily prepare for a 3 hour class in 20 minutes. Selecting these 25 words took me weeks. I challenge you to choose your 25 words. Try it - the exercise is good for the soul.


A Quiz

You're talking to a person you really like.

First you Dream / Souls Don't grow in the Sunshine


For the past 8 years I've been blessed to speak to the HOBY Leadership program and other groups for teenagers and young adults. The basis of the presentation is the importance of "dreaming" and the fact that our greatest growth occurs not in good times but in times of challenge. Below is a handout provided to each attendee of these programs.


First You Dream!

“I have a dream!” Martin Luther King

Bringing Peace to Iraq is Easy...

No - I’m not out of my mind even though the title of this article might suggest otherwise. I just haven’t finished my statement. The War in Iraq was won in less than 30 days with combat fatalities under 100. Unfortunately attempting to establish the peace has been much more costly in terms of dollars, days, and lives and we are still a long way from “Mission Accomplished.” Now I’ll finish my statement - Bringing peace to Iraq is easy COMPARED TO REFORMING OUR SYSTEMS OF HEALTH CARE (HC) AND HEALTH CARE FINANCING (HCF).

The Battle for the Soul of your Organization

"The devil made me do it!" – Geraldine (Flip Wilson)

If you’re over 45, this single statement will make you smile. It will create a flashback to Flip Wilson’s character of Geraldine and her innovation in the process of "shirking personal responsibility" by blaming the devil.

Thirty five years after Miss Geraldine’s fifteen minutes of fame, it is the belief of this writer, that the devil is still being used as a tool to shirk personal and organizational responsibility.

Tech Knowledge - Y (TM / SM)

Paul Harvey often says, “We’re not one world.” He is right.

For months I’ve watched the Presidential Campaign which is more about generational change than it is about Gender or Race. I’ve spoken to the Texas PIA Convention with an audience that looked more like John McCain than the followers of Hillary or Barack. Recently I spent two days with 1,000 MBAs from a major international consulting company. These folks were representative of the diverse world yet their experience, knowledge and thinking tended to be deep not wide.

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