The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker


A Primer for Tomorrow!

One man’s opinion (Mike Manes) -

Change is… so leadership must be.

Change is the transition from today through tomorrows.

Without change death occurs; with change growth continues.

Today, without change, can never become tomorrow.

In the comfort zone change has no Advocate; in the marketplace change enjoys
a mandate

Individuals “can” change; but the “will” is needed to make it happen.

The Wisdom of the ages -

“Different isn’t always better but better is always different.” Dale Dauten

“The first role of the leader is to define reality.” Max DePree

The Concept of Innovation in Concrete terms!

What follows is a 346 word consultant’s report to a client that converts the concept of innovation into concrete terms that can be applied to daily operations. If this client chooses to implement this commitment to the new - INNOVATION WILL HAVE OCCURRED. If they don’t, next year efforts will deliver the same results as always. Doesn’t that sound insane? Mr. Einstein - you’re a genius!

Innovation - Incubator or Graveyard?

Dale Dauten in his Sunday column got me thinking with the closing statements: “If you have an idea you want to nurture, don’t plant it with the forest of the status quo; place it in a fresh field, away from the old growth. Give it a new group or try it in an experimental store, surrounded by people who want it there, who want it to thrive” and “Which brings us to an IBP (Important Business Principle) with a lovely Zen weightless heft: It’s easier to change people than to change people.”

The Berkeley Moccasins

“Mr. Boudreaux, I am Smartr Thanu, the Director of Diversity and Fairness for the City of Berkeley, California. My associate, Ms. Ure Rong, the city’s Happiness Coordinator and I have been given a very unpleasant task. Our city’s lakes and streams are overrun with Water Moccasins. We must rid the city of these fellow creatures who cause an interruption in our community’s pursuit of its goals of Happiness, Fairness, and Justice. Your name was given to me by a friend.

Innovation - A Tale of two Boudreauxs

Innovation - 1. the act or process of innovating 2. something newly introduced; new method, custom, device, etc. ; change in the way of doing things

Today’s dynamic global economy requires innovation. Change is. Plans are important - successful implementation an absolute. Tales of two Boudreauxs follow - one is true and one is not. “It was the best of plans; it was the worst of plans.”

The Great Economic Collapse of 2008 - What Now?

One Friday evening, Boudreaux and Comeaux go to the Veteran’s Building in New Iberia for a Fais Do Do (dance). They drive to the back of the building, park under the back carport, and enter through the back door. About 3:00 a.m. - after hours of hard drinking, dancing, and partying, the band quits playing. Comeaux goes to the car but Boudreaux is not there. Comeaux goes back into the building and does not see him. He searches in the bathroom and under the tables - no Boudreaux.

Unsafe at any Speed!

Early in the day, I was speaking with a friend about the future of the distribution system in a certain industry. “Is the system dead”, I asked? No Jack explained, “the problem is a generational (chronological or attitudinal) issue not a systemic one”.

Some organizations are flourishing, others are dinosaurs, and still others are sitting on the banks of the Tar Pits, trying to decide their future. Our discussion continued for some time but I’ll save you from the detail.

The Battle for the Soul of your Organization

"The devil made me do it!" – Geraldine (Flip Wilson)

If you’re over 45, this single statement will make you smile. It will create a flashback to Flip Wilson’s character of Geraldine and her innovation in the process of "shirking personal responsibility" by blaming the devil.

Thirty five years after Miss Geraldine’s fifteen minutes of fame, it is the belief of this writer, that the devil is still being used as a tool to shirk personal and organizational responsibility.

Dinosaur of the Year - A Remembrance

It was more than a banquet; it was an event – it was a celebration of a life of power and control. It was the annual Dinosaur of the Year program. The table setting was exquisite, the food exceptional, and pomp and circumstance was to be expected. Excitement gripped the air. The emcee began his introduction.

As his comments filled the room, the audience collectively shook their heads. The winner was obvious. The speaker’s superlatives could only be describing one individual. The audience waited in polite anticipation, as the introduction reinforced what all attendees already knew.

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