The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker


Storytelling, Fun, Questions, Innovation, Communication, Test Perceptions, Planning, Scar Tissue, Accountability, Coaching, Cheerleading

From Wikipedia we learn that a tool is a device used to produce or achieve something but is not consumed in the process. In the knowledge society we also learn that knowledge expands when shared. Combine these facts and we discover that the tools of yesterday are not necessarily the best tools for tomorrow.

In tomorrow’s world – these tools must help the individual and the team better themselves and the process as much as they help in achievement of objectives.

Simply stated stories are more fun than lectures, fun is better than work, questions are more important than answers, innovation is more necessary than the status quo. Communication is more necessary than “giving orders, testing perceptions can lead to a discovery and embrace of reality, planning gets you from here to there when you’re not even sure where there is, and scar tissue is a better teacher than brain tissue.

Accountability is required to move forward, coaching is needed to get us ready to move and get us up when we fall down, and cheerleading is important to our forward movement.