Meeting our clients who, what, and how they are?  Max DePree said, “The first role of the leader is to define reality.”  This is the starting point for any conversation and engagement.  Once you define your starting point, then we can focus on your “dream” for the future.  With these two points defined – plus  Purpose, Passion, Perseverance and Processes Perfected success is possible by writing and implementing a plan.

We want to assure as positive experience as possible for each prospective client.  If you reach out to us, we’ll tell you if and how we can help.  If we can’t or won’t, we will tell you that as well.  We’ll even refer you to others if we think they match up with your needs.

A Reality Check for success during TRANSFORMATIONAL Change:  In 1994, I was laughed off the stage when I stated, “Today – GM, Sears, and IBM are ‘Kings’ in their respective jungles.  I believe in my lifetime at least one of them will go bankrupt.  Less than 20 years later GM proved me right and this week Sears filed for bankruptcy.  When one thing is different it is change, when everything is different it is chaos.  Today most are living in a world / marketplace in chaos.  Experience indicates that individuals and organizations face change (chaos) differently:

  1. Change deniers are smoking with the other dinosaurs at the tar pits.  The best we can do for them, is to confront their addiction to the status quo and offer to facilitate their transition from the marketplace.
  2. Change Managers are standing in today and looking back over their shoulder for the “good old days.” We can facilitate an interim plan to ready their organization for the chaos that is their tomorrow. We can buy them time and offer direction.
  3. Change Architects – these are the true believers – the dreamers – the leaders for tomorrow’s world.  We welcome the opportunity to contribute to your success –We welcome the opportunity to be with you in the adventure of tomorrow.