AN INTRODUCTION to Organizational Planning Quick & Simple

The leaders of many organizations and members of those organizations do not understand the process of planning.  For this and other reasons (e.g., too busy, no urgent need, assuming status quo is working) formal plans are not developed therefore people never get on the same page.  Creating formal plans helps us get coordinated, corrected, consistent,…

Today the pace of change, increased competition, and the need for organizational focus have motivated many leaders to consider establishing formal strategic plans for their organizations.  This workbook is designed to facilitate that as a successful endeavor.

Typically I use this workbook in conjunction with an on-sight facilitated planning retreat.  This includes selecting a planning team (all members of small organizations or representatives of the various groups/departments in large organizations), creating a willingness (motivation), and an ability (understanding of organizational planning’s benefits) to work through the process, and providing a document to be the framework of this process.

With this introduction and the workbook, your organization can create a "self-service” planning mini-retreat.  I encourage you to obtain workbooks for all members of your organization who will participate in the planning process.  Allow them time to study the workbook and encourage them “rough" out their ideas on the various worksheets in advance of your formal planning effort.

People think in different depths and speeds and articulate their thoughts with varying degrees of confidence.  The aforementioned preplanning process will facilitate better participation by all.  Encourage all participants to be prepared, able and willing to share their thoughts and feelings as you plan.  To quote a friend of mine, Dr. Daniel "Stormy" Johnson, "The quality of the outcome is directly related to diversity of the input!”  Your outcome should reflect your PPP.

Let me know by email or by phone if you want one or more Organizational Planning Quick & Simple workbooks.  I’ll ship them via USPS Priority Mail for $7.00 each.  This is priced as a loss-leader, speculating you’ll see I offer significant value.

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