• What is the business purpose of what you need? Why is it needed? What difference will the intervention/solution make now and in the distant future?
  • Who is willing and able to plan, pay, work, follow up, etc.? Who really wants it to happen?
  • What requirements should be analyzed and prioritized? How should it be done?
  • What should be proven to avoid false assumptions? Are we guessing or knowing?
  • Why hasn’t it happened already?

Here is what the owner of the Mahowald Insurance Agency wrote in a letter of recommendation for meI met up with Mike Manes as our agency was planning to plan.  At that time our leadership team was naïve about the challenge of architecting the change needed in our future and the complexity of making it happen.  Mike’s input proved very helpful in the process and more importantly in the result. 

Mike Manes will impress you with his sound logic and his ability to distill complex challenges down to their most basic elements.  Mike will challenge you with tough questions and personal insight build on a wealth of first-hand experience.  Mike will inspire you to do the hard things you know you need to do, helping you build a common-sense plan and supporting you through your journey. 

Finally, Mike will support you through your efforts with unique combination of southern gentleman respectability and unrepentant Cajun wit.  Mike is helping me ensure my organization is relevant and thriving well into the future; he can do the same for you and your business. 

Please answer the above questions and send me your answers in an email or call me so we can begin your journey to greater growth and profitability.